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I have a hurt little buckling who is about 9 weeks old.
His ear is all chewed up (we suspect that the mom of his mom bit him)  he was bleeding last night and this morning, also this morning I put antibiotic ointment on his ear and fed him a cup of feed since he can't eat grass, hay, or leaves with out having them ripped off and hand fed him . tonight I noticed that his poop pellets were now brown and runny :(  He can run ,jump and walk,and lay down . I'm really concerned about him since he can't eat very well! :(  He is our best (and first ) breeding buckling . Is there anything else beside cleaning his wounds and feeding him grain I can do?

Hi Hannah
The ears  have many vessels and bleed a lot more than you would expect..  and it looks much worse than it is.. the antibiotic is fine to put on it..  lie neosporin..

Worst thing you can do is to change his feed to  pelleted feed..  it will mess up his digestion, give him scours (runny poops)  and  potentially make him  fatally ill, especially at this very young age - :(

Is he being bottle fed? since mama is not nursing him?  Are there other moms or babies in with him  (before his ear got hurt?) many times other kids will chew on another baby's ears.. suck on them etc.. another mom may reprimand him by biting his ear..  not to say his real mom may not have done it but less likely in most situations.. best to observe before  separating them.. esp since mom is probably still nursing him at only 9 weeks old.. bottle feeding baby goats info:http://goat-link.com/content/view/94/76/

This is a good article on digestion of the baby goat- http://goat-link.com/content/view/99/86  you will notice his rumen is not yet fully developed..  especially for digesting 'feed' which is the most difficult thing to digest..
At this young age.. his main food should still be milk.. and hay..  which he will nibble on and  start to be able to digest..  but at this point living solely on  solid foods  is not healthy..

take away the feed..  if you have CD anti toxin, I would be giving him that for potential toxic gut..
you do not want him to get enterotoxemia.. which is likely  if  he continues to get this pelleted feed.. esp in this amount.. read this : http://goat-link.com/content/view/62/94

A bit of info on scouring babies even though the article is geared more toward newborns. (and the photos of  the scours are of newborns as well )  but good info none the less

And finally what CD antitoxin is.. and what it is used for..

I hope this helps.. let me know how he does..  


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