QUESTION: Hi Donna, although Peanut is better in some ways, those spasms are still there. They had really quieted down yesterday, then today they have increased in severity. She jerks with the pain so violently that she smashed her head in the wall and gave herself a very swollen eye, almost closed. I feel so bad for her don't know what to do. Only one thing I did different today is give her a bit of grain, BOC.do you suppose that is what is causing the flare up. She continues to eat lots of hay and poops are back to normal and loads of electrolytes, almost a gallon today. Had her in her sling today a while and her legs are starting to come to. Still getting probiotics and vitamin B1, and one pain pill tonight. What could be causing these spasms? any ideas? Thanks

ANSWER: Would think that the spasms are caused by toxins still in her rumen and the grain is enough to change the pH of the rumen and the toxins cause the spasms.  If the grain is high in protein that may be too much for the rumen too.  Since she has been pretty good on the hay only would stick with that.  Hope this helps.  Glad she is trying to move those legs.  Donna

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QUESTION: Hi Donna, I suspected as much. The grain isn't that high in protein, not this stuff anyway, but that is the only thing different. Was worried about her not getting enough nutrients from the hay by itself, although I have given her lettuce and an odd orange, a bit of bread here and there. Been a struggle for this girl for sure, really hopes she comes fully back. One more thing, the eye that remained open so long developed a scab for lack of a better thing to call it. Fairly hard white to yellow in color. The eye is working now the blink reflex that is. Is there anything i should be doing for this?And what can i give to help speed up the process of getting her rumens ph normal again. Been using probiotic capsules which i break open and mix in a bit of banana for her. Thanks

ANSWER: With all the rumen has been going through plenty of probiotics is important.  If I use capsules I give 2 to 3 twice a day for an adult goat, or I use yogurt.  Re nutrients totally understand that to get her energy back - if you have human vitamins those work well to give her body the vitamins and minerals it needs to heal.  I try and stay away from citrus fruits for goats as it is acidic and can change the pH, but that is of course if there is a lot eaten. Bananas are great, human cereals usually work well on the rumen too.  Hope this helps - Donna

Forgot to talk about the eye - you can put human eyedrops (just anti red/dry eye type) in the eye twice a day.  This may help.  

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QUESTION: Hi Donna, i noticed when i have Peanut up in her sling the spasems all but stop, and the ones she has are very mild. As soon as i put her down to lay they increase in frequency and strength. I put her back up and again they quiet down. Seems like there's an air bubble in her rumen rolling around causing all this pain. I read somewhere that if i elevate her in the front the gas will pass much easier, but if it's frothy gas then she would need milk of magnesia. We already did that and cleaned her out so not sure what to give her could eat up the gas or help her pass it. Any suggestions?

Does she look bloated at all? Doubt an air bubble, could be gas bubble still there.  Her rumen or her intestines could be inflamed or perhaps turned a bit and so when the weight of the animal goes off of them it feels better but when back laying down that weight causes the spasming.  Might still try some liquor to help ease spasms and perhaps relax intestines and/or rumen musculature enough that any tortion there eases up.  The only spasms I have seen in a goat are from tortion of intestines and from toxins in the rumen (the poison causes the spasms of the muscles).  In both cases we used liquor (think we used rum - or could have been Jack Daniels, ha, ha - but it worked in easing up the spasms fairly well.  You could try over the counter items for gas relief -

These are herbs that help with excess gas.

You could try human type gas products too.

Hope this helps - Donna


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