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5/3/15 we have three pygmy goats 1-m, 2-f one of the females is not well. I am still new at this, she is less than a yr old yesterday they seemed fine this morning the one female is lethargic, appears to have had diareah and was observed what looked like spitting out/vomiting chewed cud also grinding her teeth I have seen her drink from the trough, the other 2 goats are quiet and staying near we believe she is pregnant she appears to be getting heavy with milk. the last couple of days we have put tree branches (leaves) and other plants cleaning up the yard, the get some periodically but they have gotten quite a lot lately but seem to enjoy it. I don't know?

What kinds of branches did you put in? With the vomiting it sounds like poisoning. Teeth grinding is pain. I would give activated charcoal for the poison and remove what you put in until you figure out what it is. Give wheat straw if you have it. Also a product called bio sponge, which vets often have, can be used for diarrhea and to coat the intestine. Possibly, with the udder forming, she is also going into labor, so keep a close eye on that. Google "checking goat ligaments" to get an idea of that. Also, I would suggest putting her in a pen separate from the other goats, for kidding and to recover.

Let me know if you have further questions.


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