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I have 2 Nigerian Dwarf goats about 8 weeks old now both wethers. Have had them for about 6 weeks and have been bottle feeding. Also feeding grain and hay with a little alfalfa. One seemed constipated and may still be he is not acting himself. He is urinating. He has not drank a bottle since Thursday evening. He is eating and drinking water. I tried a mild glycerin softener but came right back out with some poo. He seems to be more vocal like some thing bothers him and not letting me touch him much. Any help would be great.

HI Kimberley:
What are they eating in the bottles?  What is his rectal temp? if replacer then this may very well be the problem.. If you have CD antitoxin on hand this would be a good time to give it..  little tummies are very tender to change in feed  and overeating. ALSO,they do not really need grain at this young age.. digestive upset is common when tiny ones like this  are getting too much in the way of solids and or getting replacer - usually replacer gives scours.. but I suggest cutting back on the grain.. change to milk and  try an enema..  I am sending you some links to articles that explain things  far better with diagrams or photos..  for ease  of  visualizing..


CD ANTI-toxin:

Bottle Feeding and how to change from replacer to milk:

How to give an enema:

Baby Goat Digestion:

In addition he really is too young to have already been castrated.. esp the smaller breeds..  (for future reference) - try to wait till 6 months of age..  it gives the urethra a chance to develop and less chance later in life of getting UC..

Article on castrating:  


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