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Goats/dry flaky skiin, red scabs on skin



In the question/answer at the above link, you asked the questioner this question:  "Is there just the flaking of the skin or are there any red marks on the skin?"  2 of my Nigerian Dwarf goats have flaky skin and also tiny red scab like red marks on the surface of their skin.  the insides of their front legs, just below their "arm pits" on the front legs are scabby and they have lost a lot of their hair in that area, and they often lick or bite at their legs in those places.  They had lice bad a couple months ago and lost much of the hair on their body but I treated them and the hair has grown back in nice and shiny.  what do you think is causing the flaky skin and red scabs or lesions on the skin?  They were scratching on the fences a lot too across their bellies.  Could this be lice or mites or just dry skin?


Possibly mange mites - would treat with a mite/lice powder externally.  Would also use oral horse Zimectrin wormer to treat for the mites from the inside out - the dose for this is using twice the goat's weight to find the measurement dosage on the plunger, place the lock there and give orally.  Hope this helps - Donna


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