QUESTION: I have lost half a dozen baby boers. No sproms. No fever, no diareah, no joint swelling nothing.  They begin to sort of stagger and appear off balance.  Not drinking water.  I've syringed electrolytes.  One made it. The others didn't. I have one down again today. What on earth can this be, please?

ANSWER: Sorry for the delay in answering.  How old exactly?  Were their mom's up to date on CDT toxoid? Are they outside in a pasture? Nothing toxic that you can see?  Any foam around their mouths?  Any fever (over 102.5)? Were they peeing and pooping before this okay? This could be enterotoxemia. Let me know re my questions and I will get back to you - thanks - Donna

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QUESTION: No mam, I've seen no foam around their mouths at all.  Peeing and pooping was good. Yes they are in a barn at night and pasture during the day.  They were born March 8th. Healthy body weights.... I got no fever readings. On a couple their temp was actually low....

Thanks for the information. If the moms had not received their booster for CDT toxoid 4 weeks prior to kidding date this could be enterotoxemia.  Would give all kid goats a CDT toxoid injection now.  Our regular advised schedule for kid goats for CDT toxoid (against Clostridium that causes enterotoxemia) is 2 weeks, 4 weeks, 8 weeks, 3 months, 6 months and 9 months at 1 cc and then starting at one year of age 2 cc and every year after that along with a 2 cc booster for does 4 weeks prior to their kidding date.  This certainly could also be a toxin from something in the pasture or it could be listeriosis.  Are they currently eating grain?  A mold in the grain can cause issues too.  Hope this helps - let me know - Donna


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