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Goat kid born without hair
Goat kid born without  
We recently imported some pregnant saanen doelings from South Africa, after three weeks one of the does has kidded to a female kid with alopecia as shown in the attached image. Any idea what this is all about and how we should treat the condition?

Sorry for the delay in answering.  Alopecia can occur in cattle newborns due to a genetic condition of alopecia anemia, but I have never heard of this in goats, but this does not mean it does not happen.  This could be just be very deficient selenium in the kid.   Are the kid's eyes bulging at all?  Is its tongue sticking out all the time?  What color are the lower inner eyelids? Was this kid goat early? Did the dam have her selenium/E/D 4 weeks prior to kidding and has the dam been up on her selenium intake?  What color are the lower inner eyelids of the dam?  Let me know and I will come up with some possibilities.  Please let me know the answers to the questions.  Donna  


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