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A young nanny gave birth to twins two days ago.  She is not acting right, not drinking, eating, she has no fever however is lackidasical,   The vet suggested that another baby could be unborn I could not feel anything inside.  One baby is lathargic the other seems fine, but mamma will not allow them to nurse.

HI Pamela:
First of all if mom is not allowing nursing, you need to step in a bottle feed the babies.. or you could lose them  in a hurry.
Bottle Feeding baby goats article: http://goat-link.com/content/view/94/76/

I would suspect ketosis for the mom  possibly Read: http://goat-link.com/content/view/148/156/

The doe eats less or stops eating completely.
Seperation from the herd
The doe may be slow to get up or may lie off in a corner.
Her eyes are dull.
Somestimes blindness
Muscle tremors & seizures
Head pressing
She may have swollen ankles
She may grind her teeth.
The doe may breathe more rapidly.
The doe's breath and urine may have a fruity sweet odor. This is due to the excess ketones, which have a sweet smell.

Molasses & Karo syrup (corn syrup). Mix 2 parts corn syrup to 1 part molasses.  20 - 30ml every 2 hours. This tastes much better than PG and thus is less stressful to administer.
Propylene Glycol: Propylene Glycol is an appetite suppressant and it inhibits rumen bacteria, so do not use unless the doe is off her feed.
3-4 oz (90-120ml) 2 times a day, for 2 days, and then 1-2 oz (30ml-60ml) 2 times daily until the doe is eating normally.
10 - 20ml every 2 hours
Personal Note: Ever since my scientist father pointed out that Propylene Glycol is extremely similar in composition to Anti-Freeze, I tend to avoid it if at all possible.  I still with other, less harmful sugars.
Nutridrench, Goatdrench: 2 oz. 2 times a day

I Would also be checking her for possible mastitis - you can get a home mastitis  test kit from either your local feed store or online at Jeffers or ValleyVet

IN Addition I think I would be looking into a new vet -  if this one  is just suggesting another kid or dead fetus and has not offered any treatment, this is a potentially fatal situation - you need a new vet who will take things more seriously and do  a complete check up on her..  this vet should have tested for ketosis and mastitis .  

I hope this helps and  mama turns around for you..  if possible  take this doe to a good vet -  left in this condition without proper treatment could prove to be fatal.  


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