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Hi Donna, I have a girl here that was one of the goats that had goat polio around a month ago. She had made a full recovery but I noticed around a week ago that she was dragging one foot like a kid low on selenium does. It didn't seem to bother her so I been keeping an eye on it and it not only has got worse but now the other is going the same way. Today she seemed to be in some discomfort trying to lift her leg to step and was a bit vocal about it indicating pain. She is not wobbly and if I push her a bit does not stagger, just her back legs seem to be seizing up for lack of a better word. She eats well and otherwise seems fine. Never saw this before, have started B1 just in case goat polio again but doesnt act like it. Any ideas? Thanks

Any swelling or heat to those legs? The pain would indicate either an injury or an infection. I might suggest penicillin injections for 5 days as well as giving aspirin, perhaps at a double regular dose.  Hope this helps - Donna

Do you have any deer in your area that can come into the goat pens?  If so this could be meningeal worm.  This is best treated with oral horse wormer/Safeguard using 3 times the goat's weight to find the dose on the plunger, dosing is once a week for three weeks.  


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