QUESTION: Hi Donna, the girl I spoke to you about having issues with her back legs appears now to have a bit of facial twitching and also her ear is twitching a bit. She is able to still stand although her motor skills, coordination isn't very good, no circling. I'm suspecting a return of  polio and because it has been 2 weeks progressing have decided not to use pen g as I think Listeriosis would have brought her totally down by now. I started heavy doses of Vitamin B1 yesterday and appears no worse, bright-eyed hungry and eating well. I also wormed as you suggested for deer worm and will be repeating that. There is no drooling or paralysis of her face yet. My question is why has this came back so quick and is it something that can come back from time to time? What can I do to prevent it from coming back if anything? My girls are getting good feed and fresh cut hay as well as pasture so not sure what else to do. Thanks

ANSWER: Polio is always a secondary disease to what is causing the goat not to eat.  Is she is eating then she should be getting enough vitamin B1/thiamin to keep polio away.  With that said, this could be leptospirosis and for that penicillin is an excellent antibiotic.  This still could be meningeal worm so would definitely continue with that dosing.  With all that you are feeding the goats and the symptoms and the fact that polio only occurs when a goat is not eating and as such not getting vitamin B1/thiamin to her brain, I would think it is something else.  Would treat with penicillin to cover for possible other causes.  Hope this helps - Donna

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QUESTION: Hi Donna, symptoms for last 2 days have not changed for better or worse. The other leg got really weak and has remained that way for the last 2 days. Was doing research on Meningeal Worm and treatments, and Onion Creek Ranch, says that dosing for this is 10 times the normal amount so for Safeguard 2.3 ml per 100 lb multiplies to 23 ml and repeat for 5 days. All I have here is Valbazen and not sure what to do. I most likely should have checked sooner, but I have been giving 6 cc for 4 days now. Pretty sure this is not leptospirosis as I think by now she would be dead from that, at least this is my understanding of the disease. If I'm wrong please correct me, just trying to save her all those needles. So I guess I need to know dosing for the Valbazen if what I'm doing is enough or not. O should mention only places affected are her hind legs, and mild facial twitching but no blindness or paralysis of the face. Thanks

The dose is higher for liquid and Valbazen does not work against meningeal worm as well as fenbendazole.  I use the oral horse wormer as the cream is much better and stays in their system using 3 times their weight to find the dose and then one dose every 7 days for 3 weeks.  You then might need to repeat the dosing.  If you want to try the valbazen could go with what the other farm says to try it.  You cannot use on pregnant animals.  Leptospirosis can go on for weeks just getting the animal weaker and not eating.  I might treat for both if you can.  I always go kitchen sink method.  I can do some research re the valbazen dosage and get back to you - Donna


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