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QUESTION: Have a sick billy.  Only one in herd with 10 does that is ill .  All have access to 3 pastures that are rotated, water, hay, and fed grain once a day. Has had diarrhea for about a month.  Started on yougart, then buttermilk and probiobic powder and paste.  Wormed twice in the past 45 days.  Have given 5 days round of Sulmet in the past week. Give bottle of buttermilk and bottle of electrolyte daily.  Been treating most days except when out of town due to parents illnesses.  He is getting skinny.  No goat vet in area.  Anything else to try?  Really hate to loose Curly.

ANSWER: cheryl,

He may just be more prone to parasites than others. I would collect pellets and send it in for a fecal analysis. Let me know if you need help on finding where that might be. It is easy to do and would give you a definitive answer.

There is a product called biosponge, which you may be able to get from a dog vet. They make a dog version or horse version you can use. It is better than pepto bismol, and will really stop diarrhea. How old is he? I would totally stop the grain, find some kind of roughage like blackberry or salal and see if you can get him to eat some of that.

Also, what dewormer did you use and what dosage? Once you find out what it is, you will know what to treat with.

Let me know if you have further questions.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Wormed whole herd with positive pellets goat dewormer medicated.  Every goat has their pan and feeding location to ensure that all get meds.  He hasn't had pellets in a month.  Sat with him 20 minutes after feeding electrolytes today.  Also melted geritol tablet and fed to him the past 4 days.  He started talking to me again Yesterday.  Hadn't talked in 3 weeks.  Ate some grass.  Eating  hay.  No grain in past 3 days.  Drinks buttermilk bottle every am.  Bought him in mid January.  Man thought he was almost a yr old.  Still doesn't leave barn lot.  Rest of herd goes down to pasture and comes back to barn several times a day.  He lies or stands in his spot.

It sounds like he is improving? If he still has diarrhea, I would try a different dewormer. I have heard negative things about the morantel, but have never used it. I would also eliminate that bottle. He is too old to need it anymore. Eating hay is good, as is no grain. He may need some nudging to go out with the other goats. I would put him on a lead and go with them a couple of times. I hope he continues to improve. Good luck.


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