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I have never owned goats before the two I have now.  I've bottle fed them from 3days old and they have been castrated and disbudded.  They are completely attached to me and love and cuddle every chance they get.  But one of them has a horn growing back.....and he knows it.  They are 5mo old now, and a huge kid attraction.  But the one with the horn (who is also more clever) has started to butt my 7yr old daughter and small children in general.  Sometimes just pushing against them.  They are Nigerian dwarves and at this point it isn't very damaging.....but could be eventually.  I yell "no!" And squirt him with a water squirt gun.  Which works for the moment......but is there any hope of stopping this behavior for good?  Or will he always be "butty"?  The other one never butts anyone.  What can I do to make this behavior stop?

You are doing the right thing. I would use the squirt gun or a spray bottle. Never let the kids touch his head or push on it. Get them spray bottles and spray in the face when he does this. If you cannot break him, he will need a new home. I believe with persistence, though, you can change his behavior.


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