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Goats/dehorning infection


We have a 5 month old show wether. He started growing horns back so we took him back to  the people we bought him from and they popped them off and burned them. On one side he burned the spot too long (I think but I'm not sure) Know the side that was burned too long has an infection. It first looked like burn blisters they were light tan colored full of fluid. We called the goat people and they told us to put an antibiotic on it and give him 4cc of penicilen. Know it looks worse and what looks to be gnats in the wound.Can I wash it with iodine and scrub off the loose flesh? Should I wrap it to help keep the fly's out? I only gave 3 rounds of penicilen should i give more? Thanks for any and all help.

Certainly sounds like an infection.  Is he otherwise eating and drinking okay?  Penicillin dose is 3 cc/100 pounds body weight twice a day for 5 to 7 days and the injection needs to be intramuscular not subcu (have you given intramuscular injections before?).  Would use hydrogen peroxide twice a day to clean off loose/old scabs or other infectious leftovers.  Placing a wrap on it to keep flies away is an excellent idea.  Otherwise you can use a gel that is made for horses that is an external antibiotic plus keeps flies away (at most farm stores).  Otherwise you can use something called NFZ puffer (also at most farm stores) and this is an antibiotic powder that is "puffed" onto the wound two to three times a day and this helps healing plus sometimes keeps flies away.  During the time he is on antibiotics he also must have probiotics twice a day to keep his rumen functioning well - I use human yogurt, any flavor, mix one tablespoon of the yogurt in a little water to thin it enough to draw it up in an oral dosing syringe and give orgally two or three times a day, during the time he is on the antibiotics.  Hope this helps - you are more than welcome to also call me if you would like at 360-742-8310.  Donna


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