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I have a 8-10year old pet billy goat that has a baseball size lump on the front of his chest. I can move it around so it feels like it is in the tissue. He has been making a lot of noise the past month and climbing into the hay feeder in my old barn. I recently cut down drastically on their grain because I was told they don't need it during the summer if they have access to a pasture. Otherwise he is acting the same as he always has. Should I call a vet?

HI Laura -
Any time you see a lump appear  near the chest, face or other places common for CLA abscesses to develop, it is a good idea to have a vet do a check on that lump -  if it IS CLA  you do not want the  excudate to expel onto your property as it is highly contagious.  This is  season for  the bucks to become active.. all of mine are in the  mode of snorting, yelling and doing all those adorable buck  antics, so this may be a normal  thing.. not know what his vocals are exactly  I would assume this is what you are noticing. I would get him onto the vet, it is probably nothing BUT do not take a chance on this before it ruptures. In the case of possible CLA  safe is ALWAYS better than sorry.

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