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she has a puffy area where her chin meets her neck,but not at all on her face or under her jaw. it is not hard its soft.she eats fine. she runs and plays and very alert.I have dewormed with safegaurd for goats.she is just now 4 months old and has had this for several months. i have read that it can happen in nubian kids with heavy milking moms. and her mom is a big milker.her brother didnt have it. do you have any opinions about this.

You are correct about the "milk" goiter especially in Nubians.  This is due to a high amount of protein in the milk they are drinking.  This usually goes away with time/weaning.  

When you say where the chin meets the neck, are you looking at the jaw and not the chin itself (out front) where it goes into the neck? Does the puffy area extend from one side of the neck to the other?  If it does then this could be the milk goiter.  If the puffiness does not extend and is really in one spot then this could be an abscess.  If the puffiness is closer to the jaw line and not the neck then it could be bottle jaw.  Could you tell me what color the lower inner eyelids are in this goat?  Let me know when you have a chance to answer my questions and I will get back to you.  Thanks - Donna


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