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We live in south Georgia and it is currently September 23rd. My smallest (about 25lb) of three Nigerian Dwarf goats recently had worms and parasites so bad, it made her very week and she could not stand. We took her to the vet and get her several different kinds of medications - That was almost 6 weeks ago now. It took her about 3 weeks to be able to stand up on her own without me helping her up.

She has seemed to be doing well but a few days ago I noticed her loosing large amounts of hair. I can just pull on her hair and a large chunk comes right out in my hand. There are several spots along her backbone and upper/mid rib areas where her hair is drastically thin. Her skin seems fine - not dry or scabby and no bugs that I see.

She is eating and drinking normally and no other symptoms that I can tell except for the hair loss.

Is this happening because she is getting sick again or has more bugs/parasites/etc or because of her recovery from severe worms almost 6 weeks ago?

HI Anna:
Many times if a goat has had a bout with fever - within 3-4 weeks later they can lose their hair right down to the skin.. I notice this mostly on the angoras - they  literally  go bald..  Now I don't know if this is the case with your Nigerian  but if she was this ill and her body was so stressed at the time..  this may be the aftermath of her physical stress or the medications she was on at the time.  You might want to double check with your vet and ask if the meds he gave  could have this adverse reaction on her now - if not  he may want a skin sample to see if there is some dermatitis  going on BUT I suspect this is from her severe illness a few weeks ago. It never hurts to contact the vet and double check in case he noticed something at that time  which could be causing this.
Let me know how she does.  But I definitely would call and ask your vet just to be sure.  


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