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looking good
looking good  
my little goat is 11 yrs old and is limping,she is in obvious pain,i keep her hooves trimmed and i can not see any swelling or injury, this has been going on for sometime now, i think i is arthritis, i want to give her something for the pain,what can i give her?

HI Skeeter:

What a cutie..
I hate it when they start to age..  11 is not a bad age but things start to slow down for them.. she may have gotten knocked by another goat or it cold very well be arthritis setting in..  not a lot you can do..  AN aspirin a day may help some.. not tylenol or  advil only use actual aspirin.. one 325mg  tablet  - daily..  they also make  liniments for horses you may be able to use topically.. do not use dmso (dmso  carries ANYTHING on the skin into the body.. so if there is bacteria on the skin  it can and will be carried right into the system..)  I don't know which one would work best..  but never wrap it after using it..  you might try a few different ones seeing which works best for her.. start with Absorbine.. maybe.. also massage can help..

If you have banamine .. (a Vet Rx)  you can give her that  but not on a regular basis..  only if you suspect injury  and need  swelling to subside..  and pain relief.. a vet might prescribe something for her like prednisone.. ?? but being a corticosteroid this would be  long term and then  she would need weaned off of it and it  has a tendency to cause  gut issues..

You might want to have your vet check her out to see what you are dealing with for sure.. before  trying to treat at home..   

In the meantime you can try the aspirin.. only on a full tummy..  wrap it in a small piece of bread or banana slice to get it down her..

Due to her age if this is arthritis  I would figure  from being a bit older.. but 11 is not OLD old..  just  older.. I have my oldest goats  14 and 15..  my oldest was 20 when he died..  so she still has  some years ahead of her  I would think..  she is so cute..

let me know how she does..  


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