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Goats/retained placenta from stillbirth


i had a dwarf goat give birth to a stillborn and large male fetus. it had been halfway delivered when i returned to the pen from making dinner. i tried to pull it out and no go. husband finally got it out. it seemed so big for her! anyway, she has notexpelled the placenta, and it is hanging from her down to the ground. i know not to pull on it. she continues to cry for her baby and look behind her as if it is there.....sad... but i noticed she did not have real hard contractions yesterday, but for about 2 hours. then she seemed to totally stop them. she began labor at 7am and had the dead fetus about 6pm. is there anything i can do to get this placenta out? i am going to give here 3cc of pen g in a while here. it is not 24 hours yet so i hopefully have got time yet. she is a first timer. bred to .another larger dwarf male.  thank you  jane

Glad you are starting on penicillin, best is twice a day at 3 cc/100 pounds given intramuscularly in the thigh muscle.  Also needs probiotics (yogurt works well) during time on penicillin which I would suggest is 5 days.  

You can use black cohosh or pulsatilla (both available over the counter) to help the doe pass the placenta.  If these do not work you can use oxytocin, but this is from a vet only.  You can cut the placenta that is hanging out to about 6 inches from rear so it does not drag on the ground and bother her.  Also, if you milk her that will help create hormones to help her contract to release the placenta.  Hope this helps - Donna


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