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One of our does has had a creamy white goo coming out her vagina which I'm assuming is the muscles plug. Today she has been stand off-ish from the heard. The white was gone it turned hard and brownish color. It was hanging onto her fur. She is very nervous like. The past two days she has been acting like she has been calling for someone and laying down away from the others. During the night we stall her. Should I keep stalling her? Is she going into labor soon? This is her second kidding.

Yes, you are correct the white "goo" is the most likely the mucous plug.  In older does sometimes they lose the mucous plug with 36 hours of kidding.  Has she lost her pelvic ligaments? If she has no pelvic ligaments then she should be kidding in 36 hours.  Yes, definitely keep stalling her to be on the safe side.  Have her sides dropped so she looks thin?  Both the ligaments and sides droppping are signs of labor onset fairly soon.  As an aside, I usually only give the does 20 minutes of hard pushing before helping with the birth.  Hope this helps - Donna


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