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Goats/nubian baby less than 24 hrs scouring


baby goat born yesterday at noon is now scoutring pretty bad. It is the yellow color but do not notice any smell that I can tell. At first mom would not allow him to nurse, so i had to hold him and let nurse and as time went on it seemed like she may have been feeding him afer all. I noticed late last night that the black poo that is usually tar like thick was kind of snot consistancy so should have known.  I gave 2 cc sulmet what else to do?

So, generally yellow diarrhea is enterotoxemia.  Would give 2 cc of CDT vaccine (antitoxin is best but that has to be ordered online and even vets do not have it.  Giving 2 cc of the CDT vaccine twice, 4 to 6 hours apart can sometimes help.  Also would start on penicillin at 1/4 cc twice a day, given intramuscularly in the rear thigh if possible - have you given intramuscular injections before.  Would also start on pepto bismol at one teaspoon every 4 hours.  You can also try a biosponge type product, sometimes available at some feed stores, sometimes even at an herbal/natural feed store - this is a clay type product that sucks up toxins in the stomach and intestines.  Making sure he is drinking, electrolytes at this point so would start on a bottle if you can.  Hope this helps, let me know - Donna


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