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My goat seems the same in all other functions and demeanor except she has been sitting, kneeling on her front knees. She is a pygmy goat and has been doing this for about 1-2 months now sometimes more than others. They all eat a COB diet and mostly hay. She is probably about 11-12 years old. I have 2 other pet goats in addition to Twinkle. Any thoughts on this would be appreciated. She may be considered somewhat overweight as she is the bully/alpha goat and not very nice at dinner time.

Thank you so much.

HI Lisa-
Many times folks  see this and  think CAE - because this is one of the symptoms of this disease - but usually in the case of an older  goat esp if the goat is a heavy goat-  this is an arthritic situation that happens with old age. I wrote an article on this here which gives more specific information - You can try giving her an aspirin (not tylenol or advil but 325mg aspirin) once a day and see if this helps her - if you are very concerned and this gets worse or  she shows more symptoms of pain- you might think about a vet visit and have her checked out and possibly tested for CAE or  to see if this is a bacterial arthritis condition - Only you know what the level of discomfort of this is by being able to evaluate  it as you watch her - it is not  at all  unusual for older goats to do this.. not all of them but there are those who do as I said in particular if the goat is overweight.

I hope this sheds some light on this.. in addition she may have been injured at some point which has caused a long term pain situation if she is in fact a bully at feeding time. maybe one of the other goats knocked her a good one and it twisted  one or both of her legs ??  


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