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QUESTION: I have a newborn goat (@5 hours old) she is constantly sucking on the mothers teet. I do not "see" milk on baby's mouth. Baby is waggin tail, very active, and very vocal. Mom will not let me squeeze her teet to check it. How can I tell if she is getting milk?

ANSWER: They will nurse frequently. You can tell by the activity of the baby and whether she is growing. Are these milk goats? I would get mom on the milkstand to make sure the udder does not get lopsided with just one kid. But I would not worry about it as long the as the baby is active.

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QUESTION: I have no idea what kind of goats they are. I don't have a milkstand. The baby is now 20 hrs old. I have seen it pee and black poop. The poop has not turned to the mustard yellow color yet. I have read that the color changes to yellowish once on milk. She is very active. I guess she is okay. Im just super paranoid. I would think after a fairly cold night last night and her being so active, she would be showing fatigue by now if not getting what she needs. What do you think? Thank you for your time!

I think you are right. She would be acting weak. I am sure she is doing just great. Also, mom will eat the poop, so you may not see it right away. They always seem to be barely getting anything, but they nurse frequently, so they do. Good luck and enjoy that baby!


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