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Can I use the formalin 10% treatment on my pregnant goat? Is the kid going to be able to nurse or will it be infected from birth with CL if this is what is causing the abscess?

HI Angelica

Used properly formalin  stays within the casing of the  CL abscess..  it does not go through the system - That being said .. before you use formalin on Any abscess.. make sure it is in fact  a CL abscess.. Aside from having it tested.. which will  make the  use of formalin futile.. the best way to discern is  really by placement, appearance and by gut feeling..

If the CL abscess is on the udder  I would say no..  
The bacteria is transmitted only through oral ingestion of the pus or by direct contact with the pus through a cut on the body. CL does not pass through colostrum, milk, or bodily fluids.

my article on CLA  http://goat-link.com/content/view/101/96/

IN addition how to use formalin  properly -


CAE is the disease transmitted via milk..  I think this might be what you are thinking of.. they are totally different.  


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