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Hi Donna, how are you? I have a fairly old Doe guessing 12, that freshened without incident 3 weeks ago. She has done very well and appears to be actually gaining weight even nursing two very healthy kids. Took her on the milk stand to give her grain and do her hoofs and when I was on the last hoof in the front all of a sudden her back leg starts going like crazy scratching motion towards her front on her left side. She also started shaking her head and began to collapse. I immediately opened the head boards thinking maybe she was choking on grain but was not. She went completely down, shaking her head in rapid motion and very much out of it. I held her head expecting her to die right there and she started to come too pretty quickly still shaking her head but less often. She regained her strength and I helped her up and she seemed mostly fine. I let her out into the main area first thing she did was head butt the first one in her way and then that back leg started going again but not very long and she was also shaking her head. She checked her kids grabbed a drink and started eating like nothing happened. Not sure if she was having a heart attack or thinking in hindsight maybe a pinched nerve, also thought maybe deer worm but no real signs of that, ass end always steady, and no scratching loss of hair. If this was a heart thing is there anything I can do to make things easier for her or should I just let her be a goat looking after her kids?  She loves her kids and does well with the herd. Thanks
PS She has never had a seizure or any medical condition since I've had her, does have a missing tooth in front and fairly worn teeth that's how I'm guessing her age and the way she carried her kids very low. Has always been active.

Sounds like she had her neck vein collapse due to pressure and that causes the dropping and other symptoms that she had - how tight was the head stall?  Was she reaching down to eat the grain?  This is what I see a lot when I am judging and someone has too tight of a hold on their goat's collar and causes the goat to collapse - it is called throttling.  Probably that is what happened.  Doubt heart attack or stroke or anything like that.  Hope that helps - Donna


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