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I have a 2 yr 9 month old sight impaired neutered male goat. He resides in a 1 1/ 2 acre pasture with 6 other family members and a burro.last winter i noticed he had some small bare spots and hair loss, no redness or any other signs. I checked with an online extension agent concerning this problem. They thought some form of mites, suggested brushing and sunshine would help and as it warmed up they would die off. It did clear up last summer, but now with the snow and cold it is back. We are in eastern va, mostly above freezing but we do see some low teen temps at night occasionally.and very few days that dont go above freezing. His pasture is 70 percent small pines which the goats love, and grass and weeds, we let them into larger pasture weekly for some different grazing. He has always been a little smaller i figured from his sight impairment. He has full time access to fresh water,hay,salt blocks,baking soda and goat mineral, and yes i do give him plenty of special attention due to his handicap. He knows to keep by his mom or the burro for protection from the other goats unrully behavior.he has a 3 sided run in as well as a 2 sided run in from the weather. He is approx 90 lbs his 3 month older brother is about 175 lbs. His mother is about 150, father about 200.


You can use something like BoSs pour-on for lice, or subcutaneous injection of ivermectin. Look closely for the bare spots. Some of my bucks get them. I smear Vaseline on the worst areas, which smothers the mites. Until it is sunny and warm enough, you cannot use such natural methods, but I agree brushing is good, too, as is clipping. I find that some goats are prone to them.  It's nice that you are caring for this handicapped guy. Thank So!


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