Hi Donna, you remember Rosie the Doe on the milk stand that we thought may have collapsed due to the artery being pinched off. Tonight I observed the same thing except she was out with the herd in the main area. She started by scratching at her head above the eye and was definitely trying to get at something. Then down she went slowly all the time trying to scratch then to her broadside laid out and a bit stiff. She was alert and as I tried to get her back on her feet she was stiff legged at first had a mouth full of hay and started chewing got up shaking her head, she was shaking her head before she went down also. Whatever is happening seems to be reoccurring and is new to her. She kidded over a month ago and was pretty lean at the time so I increased her grain at that time. Does ketosis cause this kind of thing? She seems fine before and after it happens eats hay constantly. Maybe stroke or deer worm, but if it were deer worm why would it be that far up into her head,which makes me think it's not that. Her grain is a high molasses content and protein content is 16%. She gets 5 cups morning and night. She drinks lots of water too. She is old as you remember 12+ years Can you help? Her weight is about 120 lbs, before getting pregnant she was 130. Thanks

Well, this time it certainly sounds more like a seizure and could be idiopathic epilepsy.  I have not heard of this happening in goats except rarely.  It is possible that her age and the high protein could cause this.  Ketosis usually causes the goat to stop eating and go down but no seizures.  The scratching at the head and the stiff legged is certainly what happens with epilepsy.  Our 3 year old Maltipoo has seizures like this and we ended up finding out that there are certain causes, such as dairy (milk, butter, cheese, etc.) and gluten, that trigger her epilepsy seizures.  We stopped all of those and have started her on a neurological homeopathic vitamin supplement that seems to work (most of the time).  High protein can be an issue as well as high calcium.  This could be her issue.  Donna  


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