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Hi ma'am. I am Roberts from INDIA. My friend, a citizen of USA has a plan to start a horse ranch. He likes to keep goats in his barn. Can you please suggest me few goat breed best suitable for horse barns. Which are social with horses having even temperament?

HI Roberts

I am not at all familiar with  the breeds of goats you have there in India - so I can only say this - here in the US most breeds are considered horse companions as long as the horses do not act aggressive toward the goats - usually this is  when there is a single horse who may have lost it's stall mate  etc  one goat is added to the mix to help the horse have a companion - THIS being said  I  do know there are  folks who keep both goats and horses -  sometimes there are situations where the horses will kick or  attack the goat- sometimes there are situations where the goats will butt the horses - you must keep an eye on things - if the horses are not used to goats this may be something  that needs to be controlled and observed as they are put together- they will learn to respect one another - baby goats  could be in danger in a new  horse/goat situation - I think if it were me I would have a barn where the goats could get away from the horses if need be.. and never actually locked in a barn where no one can escape (which is never a good idea anyway in case of  some sort of fire or other disaster)
Your friend may want to  get his goats from a place where they are already  on a farm with horses and are used to them and ask locally what breeds there in India are a calm breed as  I honestly do not know  your breeds there (Although I have seen photos of some pretty unique goats from India that look like our Nubians with very long long ears and the goats themselves are Much larger than here - I don not know if this is the norm or unusual even for there)  Only what I have seen in photos. I hope this was able to shed maybe a little light on your situation  


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