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Hiya, just wondering is it possible for my goat to contract mastitis when she has never and will never have a kid? She is about 16 1/12 years old, and her udder is swollen, not excessively, but has not hardened. I am at a loss as the year should have never been open to infection, due to never producing milk, but am wondering what this is, and what will help. Thanks in advance!

HI Lucretia
Sorry for the delay I Just now got this notification in my mail to answer you..
While it is possible - it is highly unlikely for her to get mastitis at  this age- I would say it  may have more to do with hormones at her age -  any doe if on a surface that is wet  muddy or  excessively dirty can  have bacteria  get up into the teats - but a doe who has never freshened  it becomes less likely due to the small orifices in the teats themselves. Her hormones could be out of whack  - much like older women. This may cause a precocious udder or inappropriate lactation syndrome - lactation in non-pregnant goats, which is brought on  with estrogen, progesterone, prolactin, and corticosteroids - it has been noted that some women who use any of these products such as an estrogen cream may have residue on their hands when handling the goats creating this situation - so it is possible to transfer the effects of these hormones to the goat accidentally.  Another things that may cause this is an infection  or worse case scenario  a tumor -
The only way to be absolutely sure what is going on is to have a vet check her out - it may be absolutely nothing to worry about - as long as the size does not increase  and it shows no symptoms of pain or discomfort  I would think  it may be ok to leave it alone -  BUT this being said - she is a nice 16 1/2 year old doe.. and at this age you do not want anything to come along to  shorten her life -  vet tests or  at least second opinion to reassure  you on what  to worry about or NOT to worry about  may be worth the visit - at her age I would not opt for any surgery (if suggested) or even a major therapy that may interfere with quality of life for her -
So bottom line - if this were My 16 1/2 yr old goat  I would have a vet take a look  and  see what they have to say - and ask if this is something that is going to interfere with her quality of life for her older years

It is always a blessing to have a goat reach  this age - and difficult to  see anything go wrong with them after they have lived such a long full life - my gut says (with what info you have provided)  it is not a big deal  - BUT again I cannot see her myself and to have peace of mind - a vet check will help - Please let me know how she does..  and if you seek a vet what he thinks is going on with her.  


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