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I have a mama in hard labor since yesterday with no hope for a goat vet on the weekend. I believe the kid (she's carrying multiples) is positioned wrong. I've gone in and can feel the bag bulging at the first knuckle of my ring finger and I can feel what I think is a leg presenting, but I don't know what I'm supposed to be feeling for to re position or how to help her. She is an older goat that I bought pregnant and I don't know what she was bred to, and some of her "sisters" babies have been really large. I follow direction well, can you please help tell me what I'm feeling for and how to help my mama? I'm afraid she is going to get too tired from all this pushing. (she's been pushing for over 17 hrs) On the plus side, labor seems to have slowed on its own to give her a break, but we need those kids more out than in right now... Thank you for your help

Please call me immediately at 360-742-8310 - thanks - Donna

If you cannot call me, you need to go in and get the kid out now - 20 minutes is the longest you should wait if a doe is in trouble.  Wash up, put on some KY jelly, and go in.  You should be able to get the whole hand in, find two legs and hopefully a head and then pull out and down whether or not she is pushing/helping.  The kid may also be breech so you may feel a butt instead of a head.  Hope this helps, but would rather talk with you on the phone.  Donna

Just checking in to see how things are going - let me know - want to help if I can - Donna


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