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QUESTION: we have 2 amazing very nice, healthy, young boer does. that gave birth one time before but now its been about little bit over 2 years they haven't giving birth. i was wondering what could be wrong, and should i cull them. thank you so much and God Bless

ANSWER: A number of questions for you.  Same buck used on them in the time past and the past two years? Are they up on their selenium dosing? What type of feed regimen are they on?  Have they been placed in with the buck or do you wait for them to come into a standing heat? Do they show a strong standing heat? It is possible they have a Chlamydial infection or they could have a chronic intrauterine infection. Please let me know re the questions I asked and I will get back to you - thanks - Donna

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QUESTION: yes same bucks, and these bucks bred the rest of the herd. one of them show strong, and i mean strong heat. they are on grass and i provide little bit of sweet feed and alfalfa pellets.we put the bucks with the herd and we move them when the are about to give birth. i dont understand whats going on.

thanks for the update. how many total does dothe two bucks service? have you ever seen any any discharge from these two does during the off breeding season? It is possible it is a chronic infection such as Chlamydia or an intrauterine infection, or they just need more selenium to produce strong egg production and health. Would give selenium/E/D dosing now and again in 2 months and again 4 weeks prior to breeding.  I use human mixture giving 10 of the 200 mcg tablets of selenium crushed and dissolved in a little hot water and to that add all the oil from a 1000 IU vitamin E capsule and all the oil from a 1000 IU capsule of vitamin D, mix and give orally.  You could also go wih a 7 day course of LA200 to treat for possible infection.  Hope this helps - Donna


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