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QUESTION: Our boer goat has a lump behind his right front leg that's about the size of a marble.  Our project leader thinks it's contagious something that goats get. Another friend thinks it's only a cyst.  It's not hard just a little squishy. Any idea what it could be?

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ANSWER: Has anyone given a subcu injection in that area?  The project leader is probably thinking of caseous lymphadenitis, but those lumps are generally in the face and neck area only.  Could be an abscess or a cyst.  Let me know about the possible injection there and I will get back to you - thanks - Donna

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QUESTION: Good Morning Donna,

In response to that area; unless the breeder gave him a shot there prior to him coming to us, he hasn't had any shots in that area.  

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I am assuming that it is an injection cyst or abscess from someone giving an incorrect subcutaneous injection.  With that said, it would be good to know as if it was a vaccination injection, say for CDT toxoid, then the goat would not have received the CDT toxoid as the vaccine did not get to where it should have gone.  

Aside from what caused it, the lump is most likely an abscess from the goat getting an injury there and causing an infection there, or it is a cyst created by a bug bite, or injury.  If the area of the lump is without hair or looks "tense" and tight, this could be lanced using a large bore needle, such as a 16 gauge or 18 gauge needle.  If the lump is extremely hard then it is a cyst, and there is not much to do for it, some go away on their own.  Hope this helps - let me know - Donna


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