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Frankie blue eyes goat
Frankie blue eyes goat  
my boy is 3 yrs old and started crying out when he pees and tries to poo, he goes but his pee trickels out and he blats the whole time he hunches up when he blates as well looks like he is in pain, still eats but not much has lost weight, I treated with corid and wormed and 3 shots of penn., he is a rescue and he never had a lot of human interaction and he has had boosters, Im at a loss but don't want to lose him, any advice is thankful, oh I also put probiotics in all the tubs of water.Thank you. He is the black and mostly white one.

What feed has he been on?  Too much of calcium or phosphorus in grains and alfalfa can cause urinary calculi.  He could also just be constipated.  Would treat for both.  For urinary calculi use 1 cup of concentrated lemon juice (not mixed) for each 100 pounds of body weight, give this as an oral drench, repeat in 2 hours and repeat a third time in 2 hours past the last one.  Also for the possible constipation would give mineral oil (this is the type people use) at 1/2 cup per 75 pounds body weight every 2 hours for two dosings.  If it is constipation the two doses of mineral most likely will get his bowels moving and then he can go poop and ultimately go pee.  But if it is the urinary calculi, you will need to re-dose the every 2 hour regimen above again in the a.m.  If possible get him to drink water or electrolytes as both constipation and urinary calculi need the goat to be hydrated to help with the remedy.  Please do let me know what feed he is on.  Let me know - Donna

Thanks for the info re the feed.  With the incorrect feed being fed to him this is sounding more like urinary calculi.  We advise use of a general livestock feed that has the correct (3:1 or 2:1 calcium to phosphorus ratio) calcium to phosphorus ratio for bucks and wethers that if not followed generally leads to urinary calculi.  We use a general livestock feed that is 14% protein and has a 3:1 calcium to phosphorus ratio so it works for the does too.  Once the does have kidded we add calf manna to their grain mix to help increase protein.  Hope this helps - Donna  


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