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Hello Donna!!
How r u! Lila Ann here u know my sister's goat the mother name iggy & father ziggy both have diarrhea.. U know Tuesday we went to the feed & farm store to pick up some C.O.B. grains for them & they had 2 types 1 was with molasses & the other type was the dry one.. when we went to pick it up & opened the bag they gave us the molasses one & b4 returning it i gave kinda plenty to the mom iggy, ziggy, & the twins baby goats.. & 2 day my sister notice that both the mom & dad both have diarrhea & was lying down, however when she called the mom she came out & started eating but i'm concerned about the diarrhea.. What to do i forgot what to do since Migi passed... Any info would be greatly appreciated!!! Love u Donna!!!

Lila Ann & Migi

So nice to hear from you.  Sorry to hear the goats have diarrhea.  If the diarrhea is brown it is either from over eating or it is from a bacterial infection.  This sounds more like an over eating issue.  Would start all of them on pepto bismol, the type people take for diarrhea.  Dose is usually 1/2 cup of the pepto per 50 pounds body weight.  So not much for the kid goats.  You can do this every 4 hours for 3 doses to start with.  You can also wait for 24 hours to see if the diarrhea corrects itself, not feeding any grain during that time and being sure that the goats are all drinking well so they don't become dehydrated from the diarrhea.  Hope that helps - let me know - say hi to all for me - you and Migi are in my thoughts.  Donna


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