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A momma goay nigerian recently nstarted losing het hair and it can be pulled mout in clumps. I had given CD&t 2weeks ago and treatment of lice. Also dewormed. Indid this for all my goats and she is the only one that had this. Any suggestion

HI Theresa:
The  first thing that comes to mind is stress -  I have noticed that  goats  will lose hair (blow their coat)  after they have been ill with fever - recently kidded - even some  boys will lose hair after castration - illness related stress- usually about a month after the illness you can observe the hair  many times completely balding the goat - I have had goats lose hair after a bout with pneumonia -

Sometimes they will lose some hair after topical treatment for lice - and  also From the lice  -  this usually happens in spotty areas -  if they have lice (or mites)  the hair is rubbed off and actually breaks at the skin -  which is different than  actually coming out of the skin - you have to look closely to see the difference.

Other causes are  fungus, ringworm, nutritional causes, and mineral imbalance can also cause hair loss -

Here is a good article on hair loss in goats - written a few years ago but still very informative.


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