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My name is Rhonda and I have a doe that is constantly having a swollen udder. She just had gave birth two days ago but is unable to feed her kids. Both udders are swollen. They are five times the normal size. they don't feel hot but are hard probably due to the swelling. They are very sensitive. I'm unsure if its mastitis or congested udders? Can you help me? I'll be waiting for your response.

Has she been tested for CAE virus? That can cause interstitial mastitis, which makes the udder hard. You can use warm cloths, try to milk her out, use peppermint oil in olive oil to massage udder with. Take her temperature to see if she has a fever. I recommend getting some milk and sending a sample to your vet or a veterinary lab and getting blood tested for CAEV. (If needed). Another option would be to get some Today intramammary infusion and treat both halves of the udder. That may make it better if it is mastitis, although ideally you would want to find out what antibiotic it is sensitive to. You could do that with the milk test. But do not treat first if you are planning to send milk to the lab right away.

Hope this helps. Let me know if you have more questions.


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