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We have 2 female pygmy goats about 2 1/2 and 4 1/2 years old.  They got along great until about 4 months ago when the younger goat wanted to challenge the older one and become the alpha goat.  It has been misery for the older one ever since.  The younger one, Honey Bee, headbutts her all day long no matter where they are, if she thinks Daisy is eating something she wants herself.  Honeybee is not skinny, so I know she isn't hungry.  She's probably just a "pig"!  She has caused the older goat to begin to lose a little weight. Actually, the older one has relinquished the title to her, but the headbutting hasn't stopped. She butts her in the head, the sides, the rear, any place she happens to get a run at her.  How can we make this behavior stop.

unfortunately the only way to help is give each goat their own area. Some goats can be relentless in attacking other goats.  Hope this helps - Donna

You could try putting up some barriers here and there throughout their area so the older one has a place to hide.  These can be just wood pallets put together in the form of a T or zig zag form.  Unfortunately the attitude is just a goat thing, with some breeds showing more attitude than others.  If the butting happens more often with eating, especially grain, you could put the younger one on a lead until the older one has finished her grain.  These things may help.  Donna


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