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Hello Donna,
Sorry i was going to write to u but didn't see your name so i wrote to Goatlady regarding Migi's passing... Its just that i was looking at his pic & brought back memories & questioning wat could've been wrong with Migi... i guess i just need closure as to wat kind of illness could have killed him so suddenly...My first initial thought was TETANUS u know the falling down, convulsions, rigid stiffness in back & in the legs, locked jaw, salivating from the mouth & eventual death... what hurts the most is he suffered that was so hard i mean i could deal with it more easily if he just died instantly but u know the suffering is what breaks my heart... Anyways how's everythings going hows the goats...Its been almost 6 yrs that Migi has passed but everytime i look at his pic i just wonder what could've have killed him so fast... Just needed to tok with someone its still hurts not having him around... Take Care & Thanks for listening!!! Love u & those goats!!!
Lila & Migi

hi there. hard to believe it has been that long since Migi passed. i still think it was a poison as all his symptoms fit with that. sometimes it is just too late to help when a goat ingests a poison. hope that helps a bit. we have 2 newborns and 8 10 week old kid goats. mamas are doing well. love to all, donna


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