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Hi, you may remember me asking about a 12-year-old female LaMancha Doe that has been taking seizures off and on. I initially took her off high protein feed and that seemed to help some, but they still persisted. As of late a lump on the middle side of her neck has increased in size. Doesn't appear to bother her at all. I was checking out some possible signs of what this might be and found some diagrams of different diseases she may have. Most of them I ruled out but one stands out big time thyroid. Can iodine deficiency cause perhaps seizures in her. She has a terrific appetite and as of late no seizures after taking her completely off the high protein grain. The alternative has been Barley,Oat's, AND CORN WITH MOLASSES added I feed to my bucks. Pretty sure location of lump is thyroid and is swollen. So what is the treatment? I have at least one other goat that is displaying signs of thyroid problems, poor coat and appetite and anything I do doesn't seem to help no reason to be sick. Maybe my feed mix has not enough iodine, most of it is cattle grains. Can you help, Thanks.

Hi there - Generally when the thyroid gland is involved it is both glands, not just one.  The lump sounds more like an abscess.  But, to answer your question, yes iodine deficiency can cause thyroid issues, and usually just adding salt to the hay takes care of that as goats don't need much in the way of sodium. Re the other goat with poor coat and appetite, that is generally more due to selenium deficiency than thyroid issues.  Hope that helps - Donna


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