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Goats/bright red blood vaginal discharge from a doe that has kidded and has 13 day old kids


what should I do because I see bright red blood discharge from my alpine doe vaginal area and she has kidded. She has kids that are 13 days old. What dose of penicillin should I give to a 75 pound doe that might have infection?

So this is fresh red blood?  How much, exactly?  One teaspoon, or more? Is the blood just leaking out constantly or is it just once in a while?  Any brown or dark red coloration to the discharge or any bad smell to it?  Did the doe have a hard time kidding?  Did she pass her placenta easily? What is her temperature?  Is she eating and drinking well?

Generally does after kidding have a discharge that can include bright red/fresh blood (less than one teaspoon) and lasts up to 6 weeks - this is just clearing out of leftover placental tissues.  If the discharge is dark red or brown and/or has a very bad/infected smell to it, then an infection is possible.  Then penicillin at 3 cc/100 pounds body weight given twice a day for 7 days intramuscularly is the dosing.  So for a 75 pound doe would use 2 cc as the dose.  If you could answer the questions above that would help me with a diagnosis.  Thanks much - Donna


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