QUESTION: Hi, I think I have a kid with E-colie. He was born a week or so ago and two days ago I had another that had a very long labour and lost her kid. The fellow born a week ago was 1 of three so knowing that the mom would struggle with three i took the little buck and rubbed moms after birth on him and she accepted him and he didn't care lots of milk and no sharing. Noticed yesterday morning something was off and he really didn't want to suck and was a little weak. When he pooped then it was very thick colostrum poo. Last night I started antibiotics pen-g because at that time I really didn't know what was wrong with him. He was drinking some and his bellie felt like he had drank from his mom. Also gave new cell. This morning much weaker and white Diarra like water. He very quickly has got very weak. Now I checked a bit online here and only treatment I found was electrolytes and a broad spectrum antibiotic so Pen-G is out and I started him on oxytetracycline. At this point not sure if he has strength to make it but he did take a good amount of electrolytes. Now say he does keep going how often does he need the electrolytes and does he get milk at all? And wondering about probiotics where he is on antibiotics? Haven't give any of the probiotics though. Is there anymore I can do for him? His temp at this time is good 102 so that at least is holding. And the mom is really keeping him cleaned up wondering if she can catch this as she is licking his bum often.

ANSWER: Sounds like E coli with the white poop.  Yes on the oxytetracycline 1/2 cc twice first day and then once a day for next 5 days.  Yes on the probiotics.  Would also give milk of magnesia to clean out his tummy and coat the tummy against the E coli.  If your weather is cold at night, would bring him in at night.  Whenever I have an ill kid they are always brought inside, although since I bottle raise everyone, that makes it easy for me.  Would continue on colostrum if you have it and/or add vitamin D to help his immune system.  Hope this helps - Donna

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QUESTION: Hi, to be honest, I expected this fellow to be gone by now but he is tough. Due to that I have brought him in and since 12 noon he has been mostly like a wet noodle. He can lift his head and look around and he will swallow whatever I put in his mouth to a limit. He has had pro bios and a bit of milk of magnesia. I need to know about electrolytes how often and the most he will take is 100 ml at a time. What about milk should he have any or should I wait. Appears the runs are on the mend a little tighter stuff now and color is more on the yellow side. He is in no pain at all and mostly wants to sleep. Temp is good. I told myself after the last one died here in the house I would not bring another in but where he is so young I guess that win's my heart. Thanks

ANSWER: The "wet noodle" thing can be from the E. coli but it also could be a secondary selenium deficiency/weak kid.  Is he sucking at all? Re electrolytes, depending on his weight, could get 1 or 2 ounces every 2 hours or so.  Would give him milk if he will take it - needs the protein in it.  Glad poop is getting thicker.  I know it is especially hard to lose one when they come into the house with you - I lost one this year who I had put down in the barn area with his other buddies, all seemed well but I found him on his side and yellow liquid diarrhea, so enterotoxemia had started - I tried all night to bring him around but the toxins had already gotten to him - now I have a baby monitor in with the kid goats and the first strange sound I hear it's up to check them.  Anyway, lost that little guy and I was just so saddened and really angry at myself for not being able to save him.  We try our hardest but sometimes it does not work.  Glad you brought him in, easier to watch him and then you know temperature around him is constant.  Hope all this helps - Donna

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QUESTION: Hi Donna, I hope this is not premature but since 12;30 Am this morning this guy has got up on his own and is drinking milk all the stuff he should be doing. Temp is good and run's have all but stopped looking more like milk poo, more yellow like scours not as runny starting to harden up. I think he is out of the woods now he is nibbling fine hay also. Would like to put him back with his mom, but have a concern. She is a new mother and doesn't know when to say no. I think this is what got this fellow in trouble initially possible over eating. Not sure how they get the E-coli But this may have been a factor. I'll keep him on the oxytetracycline another 3 days and the probiotics also. Do you think he is ok with mom now on his feet and strong?

E coli would have come from an outside source, not from over eating.  Although with that said if E coli is around and the goat has a good immune system generally it is not an issue.  But stress of over eating can cause a kid's immune system to not work as well and then they don't have a great immune system anyway.  That's one reason I give them selenium and the vitamin D extra to help strengthen their immune system.  To answer your question, would say all sounds good and would put him back with mom, as long as mom takes him back well and he stays strong.  Hope that helps - you are such a good goat person - Nice.  Donna

Oh, and yes, keep him on his antibiotics.  


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