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My nieces twin goats were born on Easter Day (So 2 months old).  Their mother accepted them both and are still feeding them in addition to the sweetfeed and cracked corn they are feed with the bigger goats.  They both have worms and are being fed Dumore Goat Dewormer.  But they are both hoarse.  Started yesterday.  They are still eating and drinking.  What should my niece do please?  She has only been raising goats for a few months.  Still learning.  That and she is 11.

First of all, are they dairy goats or meat goats? The reason I ask is that it is not necessary to feed them grain if they are dairy and you are not trying to get them big. They should be eating hay by now. I don't know about that dewormer. They need to have feces collected and sent to vet or a lab and only dewormed if they have actually have parasites. A possibility with the hoarseness is lungworms. There is a special test called a Baermann, that diagnoses this. It does not appear that the Dumor kills lungworms, so she would need to get a dewormer that does, such as levamisole. The vet could make a recommendation.

She needs to take their temperatures and see whether they are normal. Do they have a runny nose or loud breathing? That would be second thing to check. Sometimes just dust in the hay can make a goat cough or hoarse. Also have they been crying more for any reason that would lead to hoarseness.

Let me know what you find out so I can help you continue to resolve this.


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