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Hi Donna, how are you? This is a question from a friend and I have never seen this, so run it by you. Her goat just kidded and only a few hours old has diarrhea. Looks yellow on it's bum. New to me any ideas ? Should she be concerned? Thanks.

Was there any green or yellow tinge to the placental tissues/sac?  If so this could indicate the newborn was late/past the due date.  The yellow can just be from it being born late.  Although, diarrhea is concerning.  This could be an early enterotoxemia too, especially if the doe/mom was not up to date on her CDT vaccination.  Is the kid goat sucking okay? Otherwise looking and standing okay?  Would take a temp on this new kid too.  If it is at all weak or has a fever would start on pepto bismol and oral sulfa.  Hope this helps.  Donna


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