Hi, quick update on the little buckling with E-coli, 100% healed, can't get any better than that. Second if you recall the doe I have taking seizures. I thought of all kinds of reasons tried everything then the lightbulb went on. Let me run you by this. I observed hat every time she gets stressed she takes a seizure. First time when I was doing her hoofs and she started fighting me next thing she takes a seizure. Sometimes with the group waiting to come in the milk room close quarters they pick on each other and often her she drops. Again her hoofs last week and again after an injection of ivermectin it hurt and another seizure. Is this something you can shed some light on for me, please. Again anything i can do to eliminate this. Hoofs have to be done and she hates it.

Sorry for not answering sooner.  Would seem that the seizures certainly can be caused by stress.  We have a Maltipoo who will get seizures caused by food reactions as well as stress reactions.  I started her on a homeopathic neurologic medicine called Easesure - liquid - this has worked very well.  Anytime I know there might be a higher stress period coming about - guests at the house, etc., then I give her an extra one or two doses.  Generally it is an a.m. and p.m. amount.  This could help the doe.  Low selenium can also cause issues with the brain, so could start with giving her selenium/D/E every 1 or 2 months to see if that helps.  Also, when I get outside does in for breeding to our bucks they are usually very "freaky" about being in a new place and so I use Pulsatilla, another homeopathic medicine, that helps calm them down.  These are tiny pellets that you can either just pop into their mouths as they dissolve very quickly, or I mix them in a little hot water and give as an oral drench.  You give one dose of 5 pellets and then a second dose 20 minutes, usually prior to or at a stress episode, and you can repeat it whenever you want.  Hope that helps a bit - Donna


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