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QUESTION: HI, I am milking a Saanen goat and find that some of the jars of milk get a greenish tinged sediment at the bottom of the jar (it almost looks like thick whey) after a couple of days, others are fine. We have a high lime content in our water system (unusually high, anything rinsed in the water is liable to scale) could this be the problem or perhaps some  sterilising problem? I rinse everything with cold water then wash with hot soapy water then sterilise with boiling water. It seems strange that only some milk seems affected when the same routine is used for all.

Many thanks in advance

ANSWER: Sometimes if the milk is extremely high in lactic acid (what makes the goat milk taste "goaty") that can cause the green sediment/color on the bottom.  Do you notice that these jars have a more distinct goaty smell to them?

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QUESTION: Thanks for the reply. Both my husband and I are drinking the milk all the time and so its possible we may have grown accustomed to any goatiness, but we don't notice any more smell off the green ones. We have just started to milk our second goat a little. Though it's hard to tell, we think her milk may be a touch whiter, and are waiting to see if it also has green sediment/colour. If one goat is high in lactic acid, would the second goat also usually be, that is, is it diet based?

Thanks again.

Thanks for the update.  I am so used to drinking our Oberhasli milk, which has no "goaty" flavor/extremely small amount of lactic acid that most other goat milk I can immediately tell it is goat milk due to the "goaty" flavor.  But you are correct, that many people who drink goat milk are used to that goaty flavor.  Re the lactic acid, this depends mainly on the breed of goat and the diet.  Hope this helps - Donna


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