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Goats/Kid swollen legs


QUESTION: Hi Donna, not sure if I managed to send response re: temp which was 32.8 degrees which sounds ok unless it is too cool. No warmth in swollen puffy forelegs lower limb or all of puffy hind legs. She is still bouncy and playful and eating. Can I send you a photo? Thanks south for your time I have asked the vet but no ideas from them yet. Regards Cate😏😘🌺

ANSWER: Hi there - yes, I received the temp, thanks.  It does seem a bit low, with normal in the low 100 F range normally.  Could she have gotten into a wasp's nest, or other stinging/biting insects that you might have there?  If you have any injectable antibiotics available I would advise starting those to cover for possible infection as well as giving a children's Benadryl type over the counter medicine to cover for possible sting reaction.  Neither will hurt her. Yes, would love to see a photo if possible, cel phone number is 360-742-8310.  Donna

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QUESTION: I live in Australia on a remote island no shops. Can I send email photo please? I have out of date oral flucloxacillin sodium equiv. 250mg flucloxacillin in 5ml for oralm100ml when mixed. Cilicaine v, doxycycline hydroxyl (doryx 100), biaxsig, dicloxacillin capsules 500mg. Erythromycin 200mg/5ml all out of date so can use them. I will try the doctor now💌

You could try the erythromycin - use a dosing of about 1/4 the amount of the adult dose on the label for the little goat.  If this is a tablet, it needs to be crushed and dissolved in a little hot water, then can mix with a little juice to cover
the flavor.

Revision - looks like in Australia you can get diphenhydramine over the counter - this is what Benadryl is for us.  Don't know how fast you could get it though.  


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