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Goats/Nubian doe slobbering follow up


QUESTION: Im following up with updates on nubian doe who began by slobbering then pregressed into possible listerosis. I have continued the shots of Penn every 6hrs. @ 6cc as well as 6 cc of Vit B ( thiamine) every 6 hrs. On the dot!!  As of last not, we were unable to get more than an ounce of liquid in her total and she wanted to eat but her left side is totally unresponsive.  At 9am this morning I found her lying flat on side and could no longer hold head up at all. Even kind of stiff at the neck. I left her actually thinking the worse but went back out abt 2 hrs later to find her holding her head up in sitting position. I have managed abt 3/4 gallon of electrolites in her thru small amounts as well as nutri drench. Wants to stand but hind legs will not cooperate. Will continue to give shots until otherwise stated. Do I continue the Vit b also? Was conscerned of overdoing it since she wasnt taking in alot of water. Have not seen her pee not poop for over 24 hrs.

ANSWER: Thanks for the info.  Is there any chance or do you see any wounds on her anywhere?  It is possible this is tetanus - had not thought of this before.  Could try tetanus antitoxin - this is usually available at the feed store.  I think I did ask before if she was up to date on her CDT vaccinations? Have you had a chance to take her temperature? Is she bloated at all? Would not use nutridrench as it has glycol in it and that can cause an inappropriate toxic reaction if overused.  Would keep her in an upright position between two bales of hay/straw.  Then in the upright position give her electrolytes.  She also should get a nutrient mush such as baby rice cereal mixed with molasses and applesauce blended so that you could give it as an oral drench.  Re the penicillin are you giving it intramuscularly or subcutaneously? Could she have not been eating well before you saw the major symptoms? The weakness could be from the illness or from the not eating.  Thanks - Donna

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: She had her CDt in Jan/Feb. I have not yet takin a temp due to stressing her out but from touch I know she is warm. Have been giving asprin every 6 hrs as well. Does not seem bloated at all. She had a great appetite Wed. morning. By Wed. evening I noticed she was hanging in barn alot but was still eating hay good. Thurs morning when went to milk, she didnt want grain at all. So her appetite was good up until the onset of what ever. What ever this is, it is paralizing her left side. Her left eye literally will not shut, blink, water nothing but a little goo from it. It sorta looks glassed over. Maybe blindness starting in it. The entire left side is inable to function. Do I continue the Vit B?

Thanks for the update.  Since she is not eating she needs thiamine/B1 to keep her from getting polio, unless this is what we are dealing with already.  Probiotics are also needed too as well as getting some nutritive food into her rumen.  This certainly still could be listeriosis or a pneumonia that has added polio to it.  It is hard to tell exactly what is going on but you are doing all you can with the antibiotics, probiotics, B complex that contains B1, as well as supportive therapy of electrolytes and nutritive food.  Hope this helps - Donna


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