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Goats/sarcoptic mites


What can be done to help my two year old Nubian, Rebecca, with mites.  They are on her neck, behind the top of her ears, under her belly, under and on her rear legs, hocks, tail, and the entire hind area. A vet has been out to see her twice.

She has been given:

     four treatments (shampoo + medicated mite medicine)at a    farm vet hospital
     a months daily treatments of lime/sulfur          
     three injections of Ivemectin 10 days apart
     over two months daily treatments of clove essential oil in an olive oil base (1/2 cup to 9 cups)

Rebecca has a fishtail symptom. The clove treatment has decreased the thick skin at the top of her back but not behind her right ear.  There is significant hair loss in the areas mentioned above. There is a lot of dandruff looking stuff that isn't lice. I am beside myself with what to do to help Rebecca and the vet has no advice.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you.

Sorry for the delay in answering. Generally injectable ivermectin does not work on goats.  I would use Zimectrin oral horse wormer (has ivermectin in it) using twice the goat's weight to find the dosing on the plunger.  Give once and repeat in 2 weeks.  Would also try some dog mange mite spray.  Tea tree oil helps with healing.

Re the fishtail, that is usually from lack of copper or selenium.  Since goats do not need much copper at all, I would suggest giving her a dose of Selenium/Vitamin D and Vitamin E - these can be the human types - giving 10 of the 200 mcg tablets of selenium for an adult goat (crushed and dissolved in hot water) and added to that all the oil from a 1000 IU capsule of E and all the oil from at least an 800 IU capsule of D, mix well, give orally and repeat in 10 days.  Hope this helps.  Donna


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