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QUESTION: Hi I have a 6 month old boar weather goat. Over the past week my goat has had a swollen looking lump on his chin/neck and is kinda hard to the touch. We looked up a couple of pictures and it looks like it's a issue to the thymus gland. We are concurned that it might be cl. Do you know any treatments, or have imput on this topic? Or do we need to take this to the vet? Thank you.

ANSWER: If the lump is in the middle of the throat then it could just be milk goiter from a goat getting more protein than it needs.  If it is on both sides then it could be thyroid gland issues - and this is lack of enough iodine in the diet.  Is the goat otherwise eating and drinking okay?  Is it acting okay? Have you taken a temperature yet?  A lump in that area could also indicate an abscess.  CL lumps generally occur on the jaw line or just under it.  Let me know - Donna

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QUESTION: The goat has been eating and drinking fine, but today he laid down and he didn't eat his full amount. The lump is just on the right side that is more on the neck and is a little bit below the neck. Also the lump is fairly flat and wasn't the round look of a CL. We have been feeding these goats a 16 and 18% protein feed mix with alfalfa, and with fair being in a week we have really been pouring the feed to them. Could this be the issue? If so what is a good solution to this problem? Thank you so much.

thanks for the update.  This sounds like more of an abscess from an infection -  that is, the goat swallowed something that caused a wound in the throat and then an infection started.  The not eating and not feeling well are more symptoms of an infection.  If possible, take a temperature, as anything over 102.5 indicates a fever which then indicates an infection. Since the goat is laying down and not well would start on over the counter injetable antibiotics -  penicillin or LA200 work well - do you have either available currently?  Let me know - Donna


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