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I have a 4-5 month old pigmy goat cross that is bloated right to the legs...I was away this weekend, he ate last night and came out of his house, this morning he did not.  He is lethargic and not himself at all.  could this be simply caused by worms, if so what do I use to deworm him?

It is possible that it is worms. You could start with ivermectin or allbendazole. You give twice the cow dose, orally. What does he get to eat? Could he have eaten anything different or too much of something? I would suggest taking a fecal, then deworming, and send the fecal to a lab or vet to find out if it is parasites. If you do it right after deworming, it is not so accurate. At least then you know what it is. Make sure he is drinking and also that he is peeing and pooping normally. Let me know if you have more questions.I hope you can resolve it soon.


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