QUESTION: I have a goat and she has a lumb that just popped up  on her neck and the hair is gone around the lumb and on it what could it be

ANSWER: Where on her neck exactly is this lump, under the chin, or down lower?  It does sound like an abscess or it could be a cyst.  With the hair gone around it this makes it sound more like an abscess.  Have you ever opened an abscess up?  You can wash the area well with soap and water and then use some betadine or alcohol to help clean it, then using a large needle - 16 or 18 gauge needle (feed stores usually have these) - you poke the center of the lump at least once but may need to do it twice (at same time) - at this point the contents of the lump should start coming out, and using a paper towel squeeze the lump on its sides to get as much of the contents out as you can - I would advise using an exam type glove so you do not get any of the contents on your skin.  If the contents look like toothpaste consistency this is likely an infected abscess and cleaning it out generally takes care of it unless there are other symptoms the goat is having (is she eating well, otherwise looking okay?).  No injections near that spot or wounds that you have seen on her? If the contents are cottage cheese like in consistency then this could be caseous lymphadenitis.   Donna

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QUESTION: It's lower it's more on the base of her neck where it meets her shoulder blade

Thanks for update.  This is more likely an abscess, perhaps she had an injury there from being poked by something sharp.  Would advise to open the abscess and drain it.  If she is not eating well or looking well would also start her on penicillin injectable.  But, if she is otherwise looking okay would just open the abscess, drain the contents.  Hope that helps - Donna


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